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Want to enjoy your favourite drink all day long (and look good doing it), while reducing single-use plastic? frank green’s beautifully and thoughtfully designed products blend style with function while being easy on the planet—what’s not to love! Stay stylishly hydrated with our reusable cups and bottles. Mix and match the bases and lids to suit your mood, while enjoying the full flavour of your coffee, tea or any other drink. With ceramic inner lining, triple-wall vacuum insulation and a range of stylish colors to choose from – there’s a frank green travel cup or drink bottle for everyone.  

Need a sleek addition to your kitchen? Our homewares collection features a wide range of beautiful and thoughtful products, including a French Press with stainless steel integrated plunger for that smoother-than-smooth cuppa, and Insulated Food Containers to pair some delicious biscotti with your brew. Convenience in the kitchen has never looked so good.

How to find sustainable products

Discovering sustainable products has become a lot easier, which means you can find them almost anywhere. You can also find it all right here—planet-friendly products are our jam, so we’ve got you covered with a wide selection to suit you, your lifestyle, and your vibe. Looking for a reusable cup that keeps drinks hot or cold for hours on end? We’ve got it! Reusable straws that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean? Got ‘em right here!  Beautiful and thoughtful designs—we have that in spades. Simply browse our collections to discover it all.

Why are frank green water bottles popular?

It’s hard to choose just one reason why people love a frank green water bottle. So here are a few we think are pretty neat:    

  • Award-Winning Design: Sleek lines, perfect proportions and an array of colors help match your mood. 
  • Stylish: Our reusable cups and bottles are beautifully-designed and will elevate any outfit.
  • Customisable: Mix and match to find the perfect color combo that shows off your personality!
  • Durable: Made from premium materials, every product is built for strength and longevity.
  • Spill-Resistant: Pack your drink with confidence—our easy-to-use straw lids or our multi award-winning push-button lids keep things sealed tight. 
  • Premium Materials: Made from BPA-free materials, ensuring a safe and sustainable sip every time.
Why are sustainable products important?

Making small changes, like picking up a reusable bottle to use over and over again, helps reduce carbon emissions, saves on natural resources, reduces single-use plastic waste and helps the green economy grow. We care about making great products that help minimize this impact, and we know our community does too. That’s why we focus on making beautifully-designed products that do real good, while maintaining the style, convenience and thoughtful design our customers love about frank green. 

Which sustainable products are best?

When it comes to sustainable lifestyle products, the world’s your oyster! But choosing the right one really depends on what you need and whether it fits your style.  At frank green, our products are not only planet-friendly, but make life easier. And they’re pretty too (if we do say so)! 

Take our reusable bottles and cups. Stylish, lightweight and functional, they not only quench your thirst but are designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle - spill-resistant, leak-resistant and able to withstand an accidental drop or two. And that’s just one option!

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