Our Favorite Color Combinations of 2022

Too indecisive about which color combinations to choose from our range? Say no more! Keep reading as our team share their favorite frank green color combinations of 2022.


Neutral with a Pop of Color

'My favorite combination is a Harbor Mist 20oz / 595ml Ceramic Resuable Bottle base paired with a Cloud Straw Lid. I then added a Neon Orange Straw Lid Strap from my Neon Orange 34oz / 1,000ml Ceramic Resuable Bottle.

It's neutral but with a small pop of bright color.'

– Kathryn from our Creative team


Built for Blue

'My current combo is a Chrome Blue 10oz / 295ml Ceramic Resuable Cup Base, Deep Ocean Lid Hull, and Mint Gelato Button. I like bringing in pops of color on the smaller parts, like a button.

This is a little more adventurous than my usual all-black setup and one I'll be sticking with for a while.'

– Ben from our Digital team


A Pastel Party

'My favorite customized combination this year is a Buttermilk 68oz / 2,000ml Ceramic Bottle Base, Mint Gelato Straw Lid and a Lilac Haze Supersized Reusable Straw Lid Strap. People wouldn't expect this from me, but it's perfect for summer and the festive season.

I love being able to mix and match by grabbing individual items from the Parts Page.'

– Vinnie from our Marketing team


Buttermilk is a Vibe

'I've had a fresh Cloud color for my 34oz / 1,000ml Ceramic Reusable Bottle base for a while now. It's clean, sleek and goes with everything.

To switch it up, I added a Khaki Lid Hull, and then a Buttermilk Button to keep things summery. It's a vibe. and yes, i like a Push Button Lid on my bottle!'

– Mark from our Sales team


Stay Calm and Drink Water

'My favorite combination of the year is a Blushed 34oz / 1,000ml Ceramic Reusable Bottle base, Lilac Haze Straw Lid and then a Mint Gelato Strap which i grabbed from the Parts page in another order.

Pastel colors make me feel calm and peaceful and I love seeing the palette add a pop of brightness and fun to my otherwise neutral wardrobe!'

– Vanessa from our CX team

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